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Sunday, September 20, 2009


A friend just brought over his book for the new game Malifaux. For more info on the game, check out Mik's great review here. My friend offered to buy a second crew just to get people (read me) to play. I really like the idea of a skirmish of solos. Unfortunately, I am one of the ones that doesn't really get into the style of the minis (I know, boo, hiss). I wish they had chosen to offer a faction that appealed to those of us who like painting clean stuff like Tau and Space Marines, though The Guild faction comes closest. Then again, they appear to be doing just fine with out me =)

I like some of the minis, especially the inherent humor:

Most of the minis are a little too creepy for me and they would weird me out sitting on my paint table while I tried to sleep (in the same room):

Again, this is a totally cool mini with a neat story element in simple posing. Still, I guess I will have to save my money for now...


Mik said...

I'm *so* not in the right place to start a new minis game right now...but if I were, it'd be this one! The minis do take some getting used to, especially if they're not your thing, but maybe the innovative rules will gloss that over. Keep us posted!

Shelexie said...

I know I will end up playing it with my friend eventually. I will let you know how it goes =)

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