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Monday, September 14, 2009

More Kentucky Werewolves

I have spent several more nights creating characters with my new Werewolf: The Forsaken group and I thought I would post them here.

Tom is a know-it-all librarian who dabbles in the occult. He is from Kentucky (which will benefit him later) and has always longed to see what was really going on. This is fairly difficult growing up in the middle of the Bible-belt. One night, while riding home on his man-scooter, he sees a large oak tree growing in the middle of a road he has traveled down daily. As he watches, the tree is burning but not consumed and it is attacked by chainsaws with arms and legs (think Alice in Wonderland). Several nights later, he dreams of the tree again and this time he can here it screaming for help. Tom attempts to pull the chainsaw spirits of pain off of the tree with his...paws? They attack him in return and when he awakes, his sheets are covered in his own blood. He is later adopted by a pack who has been searching for a new rite-master.

Janie Michaels is a pissed off hick who works at everyone's favorite, Wally-world. She dips Red Man Chewing Tobacco and drinks Jack. She is 30-ish, smart enough to know that her life sucks but too dumb (or hard headed) to do much about it. Jose is her regular guy she turns to when she is bored and they hook up at the bar one night. Later, when she is relaxed, she breathes deeply and picks up the scent of one of her girl friends. Jose has been with her. Janie looses it. When she comes too, she is in a field and Jose's body is laying near by. The local pack has surrounded her, some viewing her with compassion, others contempt. They take her in and clean up the mess. Several days later, Janie notices a news report that mentions Jose and her friend have gone missing. What did she do?


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