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Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Layer

I am going to try to paint a big batch, though I may have to break it down when I get past the base colors. Here, I have filled in the spots the spray primer missed with Black. Next, I did a heavy overbrush on the base and painted the wood and leather with a dark brown.

I am a little intimidated by the large batch but I think it will help me paint the characters. Characters scare me a little, so hopefully with them lumped in with the regulars, they will get the same treatment. Otherwise, there is a strong chance they will sit on the shelf until I feel up to them. More to come...
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Master Darksol said...

Looking good so far! :)

Gyro said...

Hey! Where's the 5 Minute Cake?!?!?!


Von said...

Good luck with those. I find batch-painting to be a drudge of a job and seldom do more than six models at a time - no idea how I'd manage with fifteen to any sort of standard.

Shelexie said...

thanks guys. I will probably break it down after the browns and blues into smaller chunks. It is a little overwhelming with so many staring at you.

and the cake will post in a day or two - the scheduling glitched =)

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