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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Front Arcs

So I gave in and painted front arc marks on Long Gunners that were already painted. I am not really a fan of arc marks but they will help in the game play. I went for a very neutral gray so as to not stand out. I also added a "L" on the back of the leader to keep him clear in a game.

I am also slightly OCD, so I drew a template to help place them. It worked well enough but there was still a little play in where the line ended up.

I think next time, I will find box with a good right angle. I will slide them back against the corner, then mark the line, again using something like the template. Has anyone else found a better (simpler/faster) way? Or do you eyeball and freehand them?

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Gyro said...

I like your template idea, that's a good one.

For me, if I have to have firing arcs, I just eyeball it. Even then, I just do a single line "between the eyes" of the model on the front of the base, I don't do the side lines. If I know the direction the figure's arc is facing, the rest should fall into place.

Of course, I'm usually not in gaming situations where it has to be all that precise anyways.

Shelexie said...

The arcs are actually more for me. I like to place the models in a way that looks cool and then someone mentions they are out of my front arc. Maybe this will help me remember =)

Coffey said...

Hey check out the results of the painting competition from yesterday!

Shelexie said...

Wow! You did a really nice job. What do you think you will use her for or was she just for the challenge?

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