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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Archer's Tower for Bandit Fort part 1

My "Plan"  I based the floors off of 2" tall.  In order to cover a  small based miniature, the obstacle must be 1.75" tall.  The rules in Season 1 say "The Archer’s Tower terrain feature is treated as an obstruction that grants cover and should be no larger than 4 ̋ × 4 ̋."  
I made the skeleton of the tower from foam core board.  I haven't used this in years and I was not expecting the jagged edges, even with a new blade.

I found craft sticks at the hobby store that were 12" long and then.  I used my pliers to break off the "popsicle-looking" ends and laid them on with PVA glue.  I left breaks in the sticks to show the archers' windows.

I broke some of the sticks in the middle to add to the ramshackle look.

Same technique on the room

I made the door separate and glued it on as I was finishing the bottom.

I glued the top, bottom, and base all together.  The base is 4" x 4".  The top of the roof is 8", providing some cover even for huge based miniatures, which are considered to be 5" tall.
I am considering using stain on the wood to bring out the definition.  My default is to paint it but maybe stain would be more interesting...


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