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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tents Terrain for Bandit Fort

One point can be earned each week of the Crossroads Campaign for terrain creation.  The choices available are listed in Crossroads season one rules.

I am looking at the tents.  The rules say they should be no larger than 2"x 2".  They grant concealment (+2 DEF).  I found a good video of how to make tents and I decided to give it a try.

This was the pattern for 2 tents

Bases are made from MDF that I rounded off the edges with a Dremal Tool

Draped in paper towel that had been dipped in 3:1 PVA glue (white glue)/water 
Straight PVA glue was painted on the edges to help seal the MDF.
Extra bits from bits box, larger stones, and an extra "patch"

Sandbags from bits box

I painted them first in brown.  I should have skipped this step because my primer was brown.

An awful color of primer that ends up looking like the red dirt outside my house.

Dry brushing and my first try at water effects.  Got a little too much blue but oh well!

The rest of the water effect mixed in a measuring cup and a dribble of it running down the drums.
The base is from Ol' Rowdy.


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