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Friday, September 16, 2016

Game Last Night

I got to play a game last night!  I want to get in a least one game a week during the Crossroads League so I get my participation coin.  It feels a little like how everyone got a trophy in little league but I am going to take it!  I played against Kenneth and he was a great opponent.  He took time to go through his forces with me, which was great because I had never battled against a Cephalyx themed force and it was certainly different.  Their use of focus is almost a blend of focus and fury.  The Monstrosities Subduer and Wrecker (the two 'jack like beings) are huge meat mountains able to soak up a ton of damage.  The Drudges are cheap and able to tie you up in melee.  He played the caster Cognifex Cyphon. 

We also played the league game Ol' Jeb in a Rumble Format.  If I could kill Ol' Jeb, I would win and gain the achievement point.  The Rumble format is played on a 30" x 30" table with a max of 35 its and felt like the equivalent of starting on turn 2.  Unfortunately, this did not help me against a melee heavy opponent!  I lost the match and Darius hung his head in defeat.  

Cognifex Cyphon with Dominator, Mind Bender and Drudges, 

Darius with maxed out Trencher unit, Ironclad, Hammersmith, and Hunter.


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