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Friday, September 2, 2016

Crossroads of Courage Season 1, Week 1

Privateer Press Crossroads
I mentioned this before but here is the basics of the Warmachine league:

My local game store is running Crossroads of Courage, the year long Warmachine/Hordes league that will guide the choices of a young man.  It begins Sept.1 and each week, players get to answer survey questions that will shape what he becomes in the future.  The model will be launched next year based on the outcome of the survey and the league play.

The main page is here.
The core rules are here.
The rules for Season 1 (September) are here.
The fiction for Season 1 is here.

I have chosen to play the side of the Reapers. The survey links are now live and this week I get to play Holden the Last (Courage).

Not my favorite picture but it is what pops up when I filled out my week 1 survey.


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