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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Got New Minis!

 Recently, there was extra money in the family budget and I got to buy new minis!  I decided I wanted to buy the figs that would complete my trencher unit so I could paint them all in one go.  That means the Officer and Sniper along with three grenade porters.  It also means that a full kitted trencher unit has 15 minis.  That is a ton in Warmachine where often a unit is made of 6.
This is a shot of the other 10 trenchers ready for their buddies to join them in the painting cue.  You might also be able to pick out Eiryss, a unit of rangers, several casters, solos, and a random war wolf.

I also got to pick up 2 of the Stormsmith Storm Towers.  I really like the poses of these models.  I think they are great.  The only down side is that having two of them side by side shows how very similar they are.  I don't like repositioning arms and such but I might with these so they are a little varied.
This is the group based, following the steps I mentioned here.  It is tough not to get so excited you get the steps out of order!
On the Storm Towers, I used the cork for the interesting scenery bits.  Because of the cork and the space on the larger base, I glued the cork down first, then glued down the sand.  It just seems to blend the cork in better.
I did something a little different this time when I went back over the sand with my mix of glue/black paint/water.  I mixed it right in the glue bottle!  It was a little messy, as you can see from the top of the glue bottle, but overall, I liked the experience.  I did still have to spread it with a brush, as I perhaps didn't have enough room for water but it was fun.
I got the idea from scrolling through Mik's Minis, looking at his basing.  Three pics down is a picture of a plastic syringe he uses for the second layer of glue.  Check it out here

As you can see, the second coat doesn't have to cover like a base coat.  I just use it to make sure the sand is locked down and to get black into the crevices.  This will save me time when I am touching up after I spray the base coat.


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