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Saturday, September 24, 2011


To the right of my blog, I have these great little progress bars.  I love changing something from 80% to 90%.  One of these days, several of these will tip over to the 100% mark.  The ones at 93% are waiting for a not so humid day to get their final matte coat and some tufts of static grass.  Oh well. 

This week, I was able to
  • Clear Coat 3 gobber mechaniks, 
  • Clear Coat 10 long gunners
  • Clear Coat 2 LG officers and 2 LG Standard bearers
  • Clear Coat DnD tiefling
  • Base and Prime 6 Trenchers
  • Base and Prime 3 Trencher grenade porters
  • Base and Prime Trencher Officer and Sniper
  • Base and Prime Firefly light 'jack
  • Base and Prime 2 Stormsmith Storm Towers
  • Base and Prime 2 Journeyman Warcasters
Okay, so it was mostly spray painting.  I know I painted a few layers on other things but nothing to really show.  On the painting table for this week is a mass of Trenchers.

The mass needing paint include 1 leader, 9 grunts, 3 grenade porters, the officer and snipers.  15 minis... we will see where this goes.


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