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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Basing Tharn Ravagers

I finally got the last pieces glued onto the Tharn Ravagers. I really like the way these guys look.

I usually base last but I ran into problems with that before. I decided to try basing before priming this time. I tore off pieces of cork and super glued it down. Some of the cork I cut in half, as it was too tall.


I used a little watered down glue to add sand and I like the effect. The cork seems to blend in well.

Here is the unit with cork and sand.

I moved outside and used Valspar's gray primer (not paint) that I picked up at a home improvement store. This is going to look a little funny until we mow.

The coat went on well and provides plenty of tooth for the first layer. Up next: blocking in colors. I had to refer back to my original color blog to remember the mix I wanted to use.


Eli Arndt said...

I LOVE cork!

It is so versatile. I have used it for everything from terrain to buildings to basing. It makes great ground cover for woodland and rock stands and you can even use it to make 3D boulders.


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