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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Garden Update

I wanted to post some new pics of my garden, first shown here. My zucchini have taken off and there are small buds forming. They will bear fruit soon.

My cilantro, basil, and chives are doing well, if I can just keep the zucchini out of the way. I also added 3 little banana pepper plants. (Sorry this one is a little fuzzy).

I am not all that into flowery stuff but the basket out front looks great.

I also added a Lamb's Ear or Stachys byzantina. The leaves feel like a lambs ear or even a floppy dog's ear. It rarely flowers but I just think it's cool.

None of the little seed starters made but the ones I just stuck in the dirt did. Go figure.


Happy Chick Harriet said...

I like your garden. Your lamb's ear looks very nice. :-)

Mik said...

Wow, looking good! I need to update too, my stuff's exploded as well. Keep it up!

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