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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Painting Corps: Ask the Corps: Varnish

I sent this e-mail to the Painting Corps and they were good enough to publish it. Check it out! The comments are great.

The Painting Corps: Ask the Corps: Varnish

I was looking through your site (which I love) for an article on varnish and I haven't found one. Would you guys be interested in doing one? I am a beginner/intermediate painter who likes to keep tweeking their models and therefore never wants to say they are finished with a coat of varnish. Well, I do now. I started really playing them and I don't want to keep repainting tips of things. Do you prefer spray on or paint on? What is your favorite brand or will any of them work? What about the craft ones at the local wally world? Is it more about technique, like the spray primer, or is there a real difference? I also read about a technique using gloss varnish in certain places, like the mouth of a Carnasuar for effect. Do you know any other neat tricks to do with varnish? I don't know if any one else would be interested in the article but I would be. Thanks for all your work. Again, I love your site!

It was very cool to get something "published" and the tips from the community are great!


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