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Friday, August 21, 2009

Cygnar Heavy Jacks in Progress

Here are the heavy 'jacks that are in progress.

Cygnar Centurions
2 Centurions - I am fairly proud of these guys because they were the first 'jacks I built myself and the very first things I ever pinned. They may have also been the first ones where I used cork on the bases. I would really like to get these guys finished up!

Cygnar Hammersmith
Hammersmith - This guy is just huge!

Cygnar Defender


Eli Arndt said...

I have always loved the Cygnar jacks. I just can't bring myself to build an army of them though. Seems everyone plays Cygnar. Besides, I have my Trolls and they are the "Other Cygnar".


Shelexie said...

I have thought about getting into the Trolls. I love their fluff and the models. I am also drawn to any of the armies in blue tones =) I just can't justify getting a new army right now... unless they were orks... =)

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