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Monday, October 12, 2009

Doom Wheel Ideas

Figs-Freak just posted a great question: What are some possible conversion ideas for the new Skaven Doom Wheel?

My Response:
What about a neat scenery piece with the wheel on its side and make it a barrel of blood or goo or BEER! Something along the lines of Ogre Kingdom's Skrag the Slaughterer - Be sure to direct your ideas over to Figs-Freak!

(Oger Pic from Games Workshop website)


Master Darksol said...

That would be one big barrel of beer! o.O ...though it would look pretty damn epic.

I saw a good idea for a conversion for the 40K universe over on John's Toy Soldiers. Apparently there's a "Death Wheel" terror device described in one of the Blood Pact novels.

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