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Thursday, October 22, 2009

New TV

The Bad News: After 10+ years, 4 moves and a direct lightning strike several years ago, my old TV died. The picture went from a 27" box to a 1" line cutting horizontally through the center of the screen.

The Good News: I started work at Best Buy (an American Electronics Store) about 2 months ago!

The Great News: A new 47" Flat Screen LCD TV at the Best Buy employee price (and all I can say is we get it for 5% over the company's cost). It is still not an expense we were planning for but we got a great TV for the price we paid. I will post pics when it is hung up.


Mik said...

Woohoo, welcome to the modern age!

BJ said...

I love Best buy, my 2nd favorite store to be in next to my gaming store naturally :)


Shelexie said...

Thanks guys =) It should get hung up tonight. It's bad when you have a cool new TV that needs hanging and you get home too tired to several days in a row.

I totally love working at Best Buy. It was a little crazy yesterday with the release of Windows 7. Everyone who has wanted to buy a computer in the last month came in yesterday! Even that was fun though =) Thanks for commenting!

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