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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Warmachine Battle Report

I got to play today! Using the old MKI rules, Coffey and I played a 755 point game and we had a blast. I don't have a full list from him but I took a few pics (sorry they aren't the best).
From Wanna B Painter

(above) On my right was this is a 5 man Man-O-War Demolition Corps and 5 horse Iron Fang Uhlans.

From Cygnar V Khador

To my left were the 5 Winter Guard + Rocketeer, Man-O-War Drakhun (the one on the horse) and the Marauder Warjack.

From Cygnar V Khador

He took (I think) Forward Kommander Kratikoff, an epic caster, as his Warcaster and the Kodiak is bonded to her. In front of her in the trees is the squad of Widow Makers and a Manhunter (not pictured).

From Cygnar V Khador

This is my battle group, all packed together like a turtle. It stayed this way for most of the game. In here is Dominick Darius, my caster, his half jacks, 2 Centurions, and a Defender.

From Cygnar V Khador

I also had a unit of long gunners and a Gun Mage Adapt (on the far right).
Not pictured is my Journeyman Warcaster with his Hunter, 3 Stormsmiths and Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios.

My plan was pretty simple. Keep Darius tucked away in an impenetrable shell while Eiryss, the Hunter, and my Gun Mage all went after his caster.

In Round 1, he was ale to kill of 4 of my Long Gunners, including the commander, which really limited their usefulness.

The Hunter was able to make a couple of really good shots from behind cover, including killing the Man-O-War Drakuhn in one shot, then used is once-per-game special rule to run 18" and get into combat with the Widow Makers. He didn't last long but it scared Coffey and he spent one of his rounds killing the Hunter rather than coming after me.

I was never really able to do much with the Gun Mage and the Manhunter eventually killed him off. The Stormsmiths also scared Coffey a little and the Manhunter and the Winter Guard killed them off.

From Cygnar V Khador

Eventually, these 2 Khador 'Jacks ganged up on Junior here and had their way with him.

Meanwhile, Darius has been busy. One Centurion would activate, move aside just enough for Darius to shoot his steam cannon, then he would use his crane to move them back into the Turtle position. Eventually, Coffey was able to run his Uhlan's (horses) up to Darius' group and attack. They couldn't charge him because the Centurion's prevent charges. A half jack land mine went off, killing one or two of the Uhlans. Then Darius' group got to hit first, taking advantage of full throttle, and killed all but one. You can see him running away in the background.
From Cygnar V Khador

However, this left them open to attack from the Demolition Corps in the trees.

From Cygnar V Khador

The Corps moved in and demolished the Defender and all but killed a Centurion. Then it was Darius' turn. Darius moved his half jacks into bases to base contact with the jacks and popped his feat. Darius feat allows him to completely remove all damage from Warjack's in his group! Then the newly refurbished warjacks took apart the Demolition crew, killing them to the last man.

From Cygnar V Khador

Unfortunately, the Winter Guard and the Widow Makers had taken the opportunity to move into range. They took every shot available at the heavily armored Darius and got him down to 2 health!

From Cygnar V Khador

Notice all the people liked up, shooting at Darius. Then, feeling victory close at hand, Coffey moved Forward Kommander Kratikoff in for the kill. She moved 12", using one of her spells, and got close enough to cast (____). I don't remember the name of the spell but hopefully Coffey will. Then he rolled double ones! And the angles sang.

From Cygnar V Khador

With 2 points left on Darius, he loaded up his jacks with Full Throttle and Focus and sent them after Forward Kommander Kratikoff. With their crazy good spears, they were able to take her down!

From Cygnar V Khador

The bad part is that Coffey knew when he moved the Kommander within range that it was an all or nothing play. He could have let his guns shoot me down next turn but he went for the kill. 9 times out of 10 it would have worked for him but I lucked out this time. It was a great game and we are looking forward to playing again with the knew MKII rules soon.

From Cygnar V Khador


Mik said...

We used to play a *lot* of WM, and what I loved about the game was, like yours, the winner is never truly revealed until the game is actually over.

Nice game report writeup, I fainted when I saw you played a game in the first place! It was nice to see your models rough-housing on the tabletop, and your jacks' blues are looking good. Nice terrain too! Looking forward to more...

Shelexie said...

Thanks! I had a great time. Work is keeping me busy but hopefully I will be able to play a little more. It helps when you pull out a win, then you want to play again =)

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