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Monday, October 26, 2009

Hobby Updates

(Just for fun, found here)

Warmachine Update:
  • I am basing the 6 Warjacks that I have finished painting. These are the ones that I should complete by the end of the month for my personal painting deadlines. 5 more days to go.
  • I am scheduled to start painting my Arcane Tempest Gun Mages next month. There are 6 mini's and I am including my unpainted Gun Mage Solo in the group as well. They are lined up on popsicle sticks, read to batch paint. Again, I have given myself 1 month to finish them.
  • I am still leading the Werewolf game with my friends, every Monday night. They go places I don't expect and do things I never think they will try and we have a great time. This last week, they met "The Cannonball". In downtown Elizabethtown, KY, where our story is set, there is a building that was hit with a cannon ball during the Civil War and it stuck in the wall. Later, when the building was demolished, the people of E-Town loved the cannon ball so much, they saved it and replaced it in the new building that was built. In the game system, something that is loved so much takes on a personality. The Cannonball is loud, gruff, southern, and very cordial to women. It was great fun.
  • I am currently painting 2 mini's for the werewolf game (pics soon).
  • I am also coming up with things to do to the characters tonight =)
Warhammer 40k:
  • My local gaming store is hosting an escalation league. Last month, folks brought 500pts of a painted army and battled it out. 2 or 3 weeks from now, they will host the 750pt battle. I didn't know about the 500pt game and missed it. Now, I have decisions to make.
  • Do I play my Blue Space Marines that I painted 10 years ago as a beginner? They look horrible but they are painted and I easily have up to 1000 pts (the next two games). The down side is I don't want to paint anymore Space Marines Blue. I think I just want to cut my losses on the beginner paint job.
  • Do I play my black Space Marines? I bought these off a friend. They are primed black and I have started some hard edge highlighting and details in red and white. I have enough for models for 1250 (the next 3 games) but it would require a major time commitment to get them painted, even with the easy paint scheme. (If the models are not all painted, you have to sit 10% of your force on the bench).
  • I also have my new orks but they are no where near ready to play and I really want to do a nice job on them.
  • The other detail is the league is supposed to go until 2,500 pts and I simply do not have the cash to buy that many mini's, even if I did have time to paint them. What's a girl to do?
Thanks for reading!


Tristan said...

play the black, strip the blue and that'll give you nearly 2500 points. piss everyone off by winning with nothing but tac squads and termies.

Mik said...

Tristan's right, and it's a good idea to boot. Some Simple Green should do the trick. There is a time commitment involved, but the end result is always a good payoff.

I love your Cannonball 'NPC' too, that's great!

word verification: cakerco

Shelexie said...

Thanks guys! I haven't used the simple green before and its about time to go buy some. And I had just about talked myself out of painting/playing for that tournament... Guess we will see how it goes =)

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