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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Warmachine Reminder

Shelexie, do you have your Defender, Hunter, and Sentinel completed? This is the day you said you would have them done by...

Yes! They are all done, including the 2 Centurions and the Hammersmith! Next up are the Gun Mages.

I would also add that having an automated post remind me when things are due is a great encouragement (and a kick in the pants =)

This is the Pumpkin I carved this year =)

This is the one my roommate will carve when she gets off work today.

Just for fun, I carved this one last year:

And she carved this one:

Happy Halloween and Thanks for Reading!


Mik said...

Holy moley, those pumpkins are freakin' amazing!

BJ said...

Mik is right those pumpkins are great. I love that spider!

Shelexie said...

Thanks! They were a blast =)

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