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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Warjacks Finished!

These are the Warjacks that I have been working on for the last 2 months. In that time, I got a new job, a new TV, and my Master's Degree! Back in August, I set myself a painting deadline for each month. So far, I have been able to meet them. On to the Warjacks =)

Hammersmith: I really like the way he came out, especially the swan on the top. I could have painted the edging around the shoulder pads white to match the Centurions but I like this look.

Centurion 1: I always thought this one was posed funny but there wasn't much I was willing to do to fix it. I really like the way the shields came out on these. After the photo shoot, I blew away the static grass that he had attracted.

Centurion 2: More static grass in the photo but it blew away just fine. I like the way these guys came out, expecially since this was my first attempt at blending layers. The effect got much better once I found the paint extender additive.

Defender: This guy kind of got short changed but he came out all right. I never spent a whole lot of time on him and there are details that could have been picked out. Instead, they just got turned into the silver metal. Still, a great mini.

Sentinel: This is one of the light warjacks and it is amazing the difference in painting the big guys and a little one.

Hunter: I liked the hunter so much I posted 2 pics of him. You can tell that he is the one I started using the paint extender on. The blending is much better, especially on the top armor plate.

Same Hunter, different view:

Family Shot: Ready to pound on some Khador!


Mik said...

Congrats! That is a fine looking cadre of 'jacks, you should be proud! I think the Hunter might be my favorite as well.

I like the new look of your blog title box too, kudos...

Shelexie said...

Thanks! It is a relief to have them all done. The final steps of basing and sealing always seem to take longer than I think they will =)

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