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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Druids of Orboros

While I am looking for change in couch to buy Tharn Ravagers, I went back to my miniatures stored away and found my box of Druids of Orboros. These are really nice miniatures that I never got around to putting together. I separated out the pieces again based on the way they were assembled on the front. I also numbered the ones on the back to refer back to. My numbering was based on the front picture so it doesn't line up with the back but the back picture is more helpful in figuring out the bits. I decided to pin the voulges (the staffs) and just glue the free arms with super glue and green stuff.

Problem! I drilled all the voulges and and the right arms. The first three I went together just fine. The last three, it turns out, are left handed!!! Grrr... So, I ended up pinning the free arms of the last three as well. I also glued them to their bases and weighted the bases with washers to lessen the number of times they tip over.


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