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Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Post

I want to start this blog for several reasons. First, some of the models I have painted, I really like and would like a place to post the pictures. Second, I like having in-progress pictures of the models I am painting/building. These are very helpful later if I want to replicate a process. Third, it provides an online place with search ability to record the steps and paints I use on a model. I generally record these on a paper for the model but they are not organized and may be lost.

I am not a good painter. I have learned what I can from Games Workshop White Dwarf magazine and other publications and Privateer Press magazine No Quarter. I have also browsed many wonderful online painting sites.

I am currently live close to Albright's in Lexington, Kentucky.  The gamers there are crazy good painters and I have resigned myself to never being in their same realm. At the same time, I want my models to at least look passable on the game table.  [[EDIT - I now live in Odessa, Texas.  The gamers are still crazy good painters but I feel I have improved over the years]]

I am not an active table-top gamer, but I would like to be. The simple truth is, it is easier to find time to paint than to go and play.


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