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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Game Time

So I played my first Warhammer Fantasy game in forever. I finished pinning my Saurus Calvary and my Old One on Carnosaur. Here is my final list. I may have taken a few more points than I was supposed to but I went with what was in the computer at the store.
  • 573 = Kroq-Gar
  • 222 = 16 Saurus Warriors with Command
  • 180 = 24 Skink Skirmishers with Scouting and Brave
  • 131 = 20 Skinks in unit with brave
  • 580 = 14 Saurus Cavalry with Command and Sun Standard of Chotec
  • 141 = 9 Chameleons with Stalker
  • 185 = 5 Terradons with Brave
  • 59 = Skink Chief
  • 180 = 3 Jungle swarms
Lizardmen on the Move (being attacked by a giant cat! No Callie, No!):

I played against Dwarves and the guy was really nice. Here are a few things I learned early on.
  • Dwarves have crossbow troops that can shoot 30 inches. On a 48 inch board, there is the possibility they can hit my troops at long range. I was close to having my Terradons on that side of the board but thankfully, someone showed me the error.
  • I took a unit of Skinks with out the skirmishing option and without the Kroxgors. First, I don't have Kroxgor models, so I couldn't add them to the unit. Second, because they were not skirmishers, just the unit, I couldn't charge through them. I lined them up in a single rank across the front of my other units and used them as a meat sheild. they tied up my units so the Dwarven player decided not to shooat them. The effect was my troops ended up in front of him untouched. However, they didn't arrive until turn 4.
  • The unit of skinks that I did take ended up standing and shooting at a charge. They lost and were overrun. Instead, I should have fled and regrouped to shoot at the dwarves again. I did this very effectivly with my Chamelons on the other side of the board.
  • Don't line up Saurse in the woods!
  • A Carnosaur with 14 Cavalry can take quite a bit of punishment.
  • Terradons can lock up shooters.
  • Swarms can eat up shots.
  • Board quarters are important.


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