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Monday, April 20, 2009

Looking at the Lizardmen Army

Well, there are several things I need to do for this army (without buying anything).
The Saurus bases still need to be painted and the movement tray needs to be based. I really want to put the rare earth magnets on the models and the metal plate on the move tray but this is a strictly no $$$ time.

The Saurus Calvary needs about 4-5 hours of painting and then glue them to their cold ones

I would like to re-base the 4 other Terradons like I did with the broken one here

The Salamander needs painting.

The Carnosaur Old One needs about an hour more paint and then be pinned. I would like to base the Carnosaur with a more modeled base but I am honestly a little intimidated and not sure where to begin. I will probably take him up to the shop and get the guys to help me get started.
I have an old school Stegadon that still needs assembly and paint. Eventually, the entire army needs static grass on the bases.

I have a busy week at school so none of this will get done but maybe now I can break it into smaller pieces. (see the new list on the side bar: Pieces of Projects)


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