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Monday, August 17, 2009

iBodger App

I just wanted to throw this in. For those that have a device that can use apps from the Apple Store, namely iPod Touch and iPhones, this is for you. I downloaded the free app iBodger and love it. It is a comprehensive army builder for Warmachine and Hordes. It continues to be updated and is advertised on Privateer Press. Did I mention it is free? It has also been improved since it was first released so you may want to take another look at it. Things I like?
  • Space for the creation of multiple armies
  • A tab for your whole collection
  • A search function
  • MKI and MKII rule compatible, just change it in the settings
  • Army selection includes special armies like "Cygnar - Storm Knights of the 16th" and the various mercenary charters.
  • As you add units and you get close to the point level chosen, it removes units from menu that would push you over the limit (though you can push a button to show them again)
  • When you select a unit, you can double-tap them and see their VPs, click the link to their Battle College page, or select "Full Unit" to add in any available officer/standard bearer attachments
I really like this app and I hope GW follows the lead soon!

P.S. I am in no way getting anything for promoting iPod, iTouch, iPhone, Apple Store, iBodger or anything else. I just really think this is a great app.


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