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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Question: Does anyone know what happens if you spray varnish (gloss or matt) onto static grass? Does it work fine or make things weird? Please comment before I decide to spray my Saurus Warriors!

2 months ago, I wrote into The Painting Corps asking about varnish. Lots of people sent in their tips and tricks. Yesterday, I painted Winsor & Newton's Gloss Varnish (that I found on sale!) onto the areas that I thought would get the most wear. I hit the axe blades, the bracers, and the cloaks near the base. I wasn't shy about it but I didn't leave puddles either. I did notice that if a puddle formed and my brush dipped into it again, it picked up a hint of the paint. I was more careful there after and had no problem with it.

I waited about 4 hours to let the varnish completely set, then sprayed the models with 2 coats of Krylon's Acrylic Crystal Clear Gloss. I wanted to give it a full 24 hours between the painted on and the spray but I was excited. I was able to wait over night before I sprayed on 2 coats of Krylon's Acrylic Crystal Clear Flat coat. All I have left is a little static grass and these will be done!
Tharn Ravagers were 95% ---> now 97% complete!


Roy said...

OK, well, this is what I do, and it works nicely.

So, first I give them a light spray of a matt protector. This is a matt spray that I found in an art shop (acid free). Then I wait for a bit longer then 2 hours, sometimes 24 hours. Then I hit them again with the matt spray, not too much just enough to coat the mini and make sure its covering the base as well. I leave that again for 24 hours, or at least half a day. Then at a later stage i spray a light coat of gloss spray (finishing sealer)over the minis. Thats just for a nice effect. And once again, id leave that for at least half a day. I guess you need to control your excitment and let these minis dry between coats.

2 coats of matt and time to dry.
1 or 2 coats (light coats everytime) of gloss and leave to dry.

Some gloss cans spray crappy results. Thats just the brand, it might be crappy, you have to look around and experiment with different brands until you get the right one. Im using Boyle, its good. Got it from Bunnings.

Shelexie said...

Thanks for the info! I really like the way your Lizardmen come out with the gloss finish. So, why start with the matt if you are going to finish with a gloss. Most of the folks I have read start with gloss, then cut the shine with matt. Any ideas?

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