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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Job & More Cygnar Mini's

Job - For those of you who are following, I just wanted to announce that I was hired today! Yes, I am proud to be a Best Buy employee. Now the trick will be not spending my whole pay check there...

Tharn - are on schedule to be finished by the 30th. I feel good about the details and now have to finish painting the bases before I take the plunge and seal them.

More eye candy - A couple more models I already have painted.
Cygnar Journeyman Warcaster & Gun Mage Captain Adept Solo
Journeyman Warcaster & Gun Mage Captain Adept

Cygnar Charger
2 Chargers


Eli Arndt said...

Yeah, never get a job at a store that carries stuff you like. The employee discounts are so hard to resist.

A friend of mine worked at a GW store and his paycheck pretty much never left the company.


Shelexie said...

From what I have heard, there is a 3 month probation period but then we get most items at cost+10%. Note to self: No, you don't need a new TV for Christmas, or the newest game system, or the... =)

Eli Arndt said...

Cost +10%. That is crazy! Sooooo tempting. The guys at the GW store got something like a 60% discount.

Mik said...

Congrats on finding gainful employment!

Shelexie said...

Thanks guys! =)

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