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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Not a Mini!

Well, it's not miniature and I didn't paint it... but I built it and I am proud of it so here ya go:
This is the Char-Griller Super Pro. It retails for $139 but the sale price was $79 at our local Kroger Supermarket. Somehow the sale price makes things taste better. It took two hours and both the English and the Spanish instructions but I got it together!

(Note to self: On future projects, don't allow the stickers placed on the grill for advertisement to become adhered to the English instructions. Your Spanish is even worse than you remember!)

It's about 3x larger than the other one we have and it is charcoal, rather than propane. We will keep the smaller propane grill for days when we just want a burger. This grill will get fired up most weekends. Sunday nights, we have anywhere from 5-15 people come over and I am looking forward to having more grill space.

Now I need to go buy charcoal, lighter fluid, a charcoal starter chimney... its like starting a new army!


Mik said...

I'm jealous, I have a propane grill, which is convenient, but not as flavorful. Sure, it's no mini, but if you posted this on CMoN, I'd give you at least a 7!

Shelexie said...


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