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Friday, August 14, 2009

A New Computer - Sort of

Just a short note: I have a MacBook and love it. I doubt I will ever go back to a PC unless forced to by work or something. This mac was carried me through 3+ years of grad school and have been stuffed in a backpack a number of times. The case recently cracked on it (very minor) but it is still under warranty so I took it in. The guys at the Genius bar were great and they decided the work would get done quicker if they sent it to the shop, rather than doing it in-house.

When I got it back, I had a new "Main Logic Board, Camera, Heatsink, and Top Case". I have a new computer! Thankfully, I backed up all my files before I took it in, though not the whole system. The upside, I have a brand new computer with 1 month of warranty left. The downside? I have to reinstall everything and find all the settings I had customized. I had to reinstall the operating system (insert 2 discs and wait) and then let it find all the updates (wait another 3 hours).

Now, I am reinstalling World of Warcraft. I am one of the people who was addicted for a while and now play about 2 hours in a week. There have been two expansions to the game and countless updates. I anticipate this taking all day.

I also have a job interview today and I hope I get the job!


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