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Friday, August 7, 2009


Last year, I got really interested in hiking. I am from Texas and it is so hot there, you really have to be committed to hiking. However, I am in Kentucky now for school and hiking seems a lot more fun.

I am also what you might call a gear-head. All the gear out there seems so cool! What is the lightest, largest tent I might use? What kind of sleeping bag do I need, or do I need one at all? Well, I finally took the plunge and bought hiking boots. My one experience with hiking before involved hiking on a gravel (read sharp rocks) trail in tennis shoes. My friend and I couldn't walk the next day due to bruises on the bones in our feet! Never again!

These are the Vasque Breeze Women's Hiking Boots!

They were a little pricey but the soles are thick and the salesman said they were waterproof (more later). They have great ankle support and the insides are comfy.

A friend took me out to Raven Run, a hiking trail on the Kentucky River. It didn't rain on us but it has been raining the last few days and my new shoes got baptized. There was rain water running in some of the trails that was up to my ankles! Remember how the salesman said they were waterproof? They really are! These things were submerged and my feet didn't get wet.
Also, with the mesh parts, it still felt like my feet could breath. How did they do that???

We saw a lot of amazing things on the trail, including the very high Kentucky River. I felt like a newb so I didn't take out my camera, save for one time. I have never seen, nor did I know fungus could grow this color (and it was even more vibrant in person).

Orange Tree Fungus


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