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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Cyganr Pics - Units

These are a few pics of the Units I have. Again, I am not responsible for the paint jobs (unfortunately).
Cygnar Stormblades
Stormguard - The one on the right is the officer and 8 more of the guy on the left make the complete unit of 10.

Cygnar Long Gunners
Long Gunners - I have 14 painted like this, though only 10 fit in a unit. I could pick up 6 more models and take a second unit as you are allowed 2 of these units in an army. I could also add an officer and standard bearer, though I have not bought these models.

Cygnar Sword Knights
Sword Knights - I have 6 of these painted and I could add 4 more troops and an officer and standard bearer.

Cygnar Mechaniks
Field Mechaniks - This is the unit I have. I have 1 more Bodger unpainted and there is room in the unit for 2 more after that.


Mik said...

Got any Gun Mages? Those were always my favorite, but I do fancy those Sword Knights...

Shelexie said...

I have the gun mages and I like their fluff, but they aren't painted yet. =(

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