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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tharn Ravagers Finally Finished!

Okay, so it only took me several months but they are done! In fact, these are the first miniatures I have ever taken from start to finish (meaning based and varnished). I can still see places that I wish I had fixed but it is nice to have them done and sealed where I can't go back to them again! Here are the pics (click for a bigger view).

Tharn Ravagers Painted

Tharn Ravagers Painted

Tharn Ravagers Painted
There is also one more red head shown in the group shot but not here.
Tharn Ravagers were 97% ---> now 100% complete!

While I had the varnish and static grass out, I also finished up the movement tray (click here for how I made it) for the Saurus Warriors. The Saurus still need varnish. I may get these done before I start my Cygnar Warmachines for my September deadline.

Warhammer Lizardmen painted on tray


Roy said...

Those Saurus look good, all nicely ranked up. The scenery tray definatley makes a difference. So, Tharn Ravagers? Are they a Warhammer mini? Anyway, they look really good, nice paint job.

Shelexie said...

The Tharn Ravagers are from the Privateer Press line. They are from the Hordes Army: Circle of Orborus. Thanks for the comment on the tray! I like the way it turned out =)

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