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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Painting Chart

Recently, Admiral Drax posted his painting chart and it looked great. Check it out here. I liked it so much, I did my own version for my Cygnar stuff. I will eventually post pictures of my army but for now, check this out (click on it for a bigger image).

Like Drax's, this was done in Excel and then converted to a JPEG. I considered adding the points values but decided simplicity was better. Hopefully, with my painting goals, a few more of these models will be completely blue soon.


Admiral Drax said...

Nice work!

Sadly, I can't begin to understand the system, but it looks great and I love the subtlety of the grey shading.

How did you get rid of the grid lines, please?


- Drax

Shelexie said...

In my Excel program, the option is under File > Page Setup > Sheet. Then there is a box you can select or deselect for Gridlines. Then, when I went to print the page, I selected print as a pdf, rather than to paper and it used my print settings. Hope this helps. (I will add a little bit more about my system too =)

Mik said...

Alas, I don't have Excel, but I love this seems like the perfect thing to get organized and motivated. Good luck!

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