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Monday, August 17, 2009

My Painting Chart System

Last time, I added a painting chart (here), similar to Admiral Drax's. Let me add a few words about my "system".
  • The ones that are full blue are completed.
  • The ones that are gray are primed.
  • 4 of the Heavy jacks and 2 of the light jacks are some mid-point in the painting process. As I paint more on my warjacks, I plan to fill in more of the boxes with blue.
  • Under the Units heading, I have 4 extra Long Gunners that don't fit in a unit.
  • I also have space in the units for 4 more Sword Knights and a Bodger, but I don't have the models.
I hope this explains "my system" but the key is that I can tell what it means at a glance. I also confess that I bought many of my Cygnar models already painted. Several guys at the game store were getting out of the game when my buddy (read "the guy who gets you into new expensive hobby) was trying to get me in. I got great models for dirt cheep. I don't think I payed over $100 for everything I have. Here are a few pics of the done stuff.
Cygnar Thunderhead
(above Thunderhead)
Cygnar Ironclad
(above: Ironclad)
Cygnar Hunter & Lancer
(above: Hunter & Lancer)


Eli Arndt said...

I love your paint jobs. Is it just me or does the Thunderhead looks like he's tryng to do an Elvis pose?


Shelexie said...

@Eli - I never noticed that! There does seem to be a certain Elvis-ness to him! It's funny, because I got these already painted and based, they really inspired me to better my painting and actually base stuff. Until these guys, I didn't know how big a difference basing stuff made =) Thanks for reading!

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